Positions' level

C-Level, managers, experts

Coverage area

Moscow, Russia & CIS, all the world


Information technology
  • Front office (software, vendors, game industry, consulting, integrator)
  • Back office (commercial and investment banks, pharmaceutical and FMCG, consulting, others – SAP, ABAP, OeBS, Axapta, Hyperion)
  • Commercial banks, investment banks, private equity fund, venture fund, hedge funds
  • Front office, back office, operations, business support
  • Field staff, sales, marketing, clinical studies, finance and all business support
  • Medicine, industry, climate
  • Sales, engineering
  • Commercial, residential property, Russian, foreign real-estate
  • Evaluation, brokerage, development, researches, investment, consulting, business support
  • Engineering, sales, strategy
  • Marketing, sales, strategy, business support
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Ксения Горбунова
Директор по рекрутменту и развитию бизнеса

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