Alexey Gorbunov

SQ-Team CEO & Founder
Interim, Business trainer и Facilitator

15+ years of consulting experience.

Has author’s courses in business schools and in corporate universities of Russian and International Companies and creates unique educational interactive programs based on management skills development, corporate EVP evaluation and result-oriented environment.

During his career he worked with leading companies of the market: Ernst&Young, Tetra Pak, Raiffeisenbank, British American Tobacco, Jones Lang LaSalle, Cushman&Wakefield, Kaspersky Lab, Renaissance Capital, Commerzbank, Canon, ILE DE BEAUTE etc.


  • Conflict management and resisting manipulation;
  • Trust management;
  • Negotiation techniques;
  • Delegation and target setting;
  • Management by objectives;
  • Increasing manager’s competence in hiring process;
  • Combination of leadership and management tools;
  • Feedback;
  • Evaluation and professional development for recruitment teams./li>
  • Distribution of authorities;
  • Optimisation of organisational structure;
  • Audit and changes in project management;
  • HR collaboration with others departments;
  • Communication between marketing, purchasing office and sales;
  • Improving the efficiency of collaboration between departments;
  • Goal-setting and approving (company, department, employee);
  • Initiation, implementation and support of organizational changes;
  • Evaluation and creation of professional development plans for managers etc.

Approach: interim, consulting, temporary employee, trainings, facilitation, one-to-one work, project and process audit.