Every year, CFA societies around the world host forecast dinners, inviting experts and professionals to share their thoughts on important issues in the finance and investment industry. Keeping up with this global trend, CFA Association Russia held its fifth annual Forecast Dinner on April 19 at the stylish Tchaikovsky restaurant in central Moscow.

While enjoying delicious food and fine wine, around 100 guests shared an evening of cheer and great discussions centered on important issues in the world of economy and finance. Everyone understands that in the current economic situation, it is crucial for financial professionals (and others alike) to forecast future events to be able to make effective and educated decisions.

This year, CFA Russia invited seven guest speakers to its Forecast Dinner:

  • Gary Baker, CFA Institute’s managing director in the EMEA Region
  • Alexey Savatyugin, the chairman of the QIWI Bank’s board of directors and former deputy finance minister of Russia
  • Dominique Fache, a French economist and former director of Enel in Russia
  • Andrey Movchan, the director of the Economic Policy Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center
  • Charles Gave, a co-founder of Cursitor-Eaton Asset Management and president of the French think tank Institut Des Libertes
  • Ksenia Gorbunova, the Head of Recruitment and Business Development of the HR consulting company SQ-Team
  • Evgeny Nadorshin, a chief economist of the independent investment management firm PF Capital

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